sábado, 24 de junio de 2017

stairway to heaven pikes peak 2017

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The next june 25 will celebrate on colorado state in USA This race have a 21 km and very difficult corners because the race finish in 4300 m around sea level.

The race is up to the hill very fast and is important don't finish on tree top........

Please the next videos.....

The first is a Guy Martin TT IOM racer with homemade bike...... Guy is very crazy!!!!!

And the next video show a crashes compilation of this race

If you want more information, this a web link
And this race is the first time with a spanish team..... bottpower team. Let`s go......
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Fundación Mari Paz Jimenez

martes, 9 de mayo de 2017

Born to be wild

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This entry have not a lot of words, see a video and you will understand............


And born to be wild.........................

Do you understand the video?

Yes? It’s ok good,

No?You have a problem, I know a good psychiatrist

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sábado, 29 de abril de 2017

"El pepino " is come back

Hi friends

A few time ago I've a problem with my bike, after 3 months the bike has in my garage

I don’t like this.....

I likethis..................

and this


The “pepino” is come back, after 3 months last crash, the queen of the garage is come back. Thanks to imaginart  for wonderfoul paint on the bike, and I like to do a bad comment about Meccanica, this shop is in Castellon city and doesn’t representate the italian makes. Her aftermarket work is horrible, They don’t a timetable organitation in a week. They are two persons to do all reparation work. Is neccesary less speak and more work. No no no

Now I've a crash protection in my bike.

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lunes, 3 de abril de 2017

SBK aragon 2017 Xavi Fores and Ducati on fire

Hi friends

In last sbk races in Alacañiz circuit in Aragon, Xavi Fores in superpole, had a problem with his Ducati. One image is more important than every words..........

Ducati on fire!!!!

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domingo, 2 de abril de 2017

lambretta moped IV

Hi friends

Today, I work with dissambly of bike, today is an electric part, it’s a fucking hard work, but is neccesary to complete a good restoration.

The last image show that how is an old electric wiring, and is important to write how is a good electrical conecction, and after I will have not a problems.

Another part to disarmy is the direction, the forks, front  wheel.......

Usually, the internal parts of an universal fork is an image below, universal because today is use in racing races, but it’s not an only fork style, please remenber to me, that I speak about another fork styles.

Please to see ,this fork shave a lot of parts, but the most important are two tubes and spring. 

The spring move the front wheel when the physical weight changes. It’simportant to know that the bike and driver have a weight and this body have a gravity center. With the movement of body (bike and driver) the gravity center changes, and to make up is necessary the move of spring.

But we have another problem, the spring is a brusque, to reduce this brusque is necessary to use a mix oil-air with the spring.  With the modern bikes, is possible changes pressure of oil-air or modifiy physical and chemical oil properties.

Note: Ferrari use in their cars, electrical oil, apply an electric voltage to oil to controlate pressure changes.

Our Lambretta fork is not a ferrari, but have a oil-air mix, and if this mix have a lot of years, the oil have an especial smell, it’s horrible this smell ¡!!!

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domingo, 26 de marzo de 2017

Antonio Maeso, Burt Munro and TT IOM

Hi friends

Today I want to speak that are usual between this words. Antonio Maeso, TT IOM and BurtMunro.

-                                       - TT IOM is the mountain circus races, This races, run every june in Isle of Man. Here made a legends.

                       - Antonio Maeso is a spaniard crazy racer, is an spanish that he have more participations on the race in the isle of man. Antonio had a crash on TT 2013, He was born another time, her knee was crash in the wall of the corner in the circuit. Her life changes completly, and start a personal race to recover her life. Please see the next link on todocircuito spanish page, that Antonio tell his history

     After four years, Antonio come back to races, He has a tenacity, he has a dream, his dream is come back to live, come back to races. Inside your head only has a races, only has a mountain course. Congratulations Antonio!!

In last time Antonio shows in his you tube channel what is your bike preparation, please you can see in you tube with “bit &pieces” Antonio prepare his motor bike , to lightweight category.

In 2017, He runs in two categories, lifhtwheight and ttzero.

-                                   - Finally Who is Burt Munro? Burt Munro was a kiwi racer, (1899-1978) he buyed a old indian with 50 £ and in old her life modify the bike and in 1962. Burt and his old Indian traveled to salt lake city, Utah in USA to get over speed record.  


       In 1967 her indian had a 305,96 km/h. From these day nothing had conquer the speed record of Burt.
See a imagesbelow

I recommend to see  the next film, of  Burt Munro history,

Is an history of over coming, a hard work in life time, and you must to think, is the same the old or young that you will be, you must go after your dreams.  Antonio Maeso is the spanish Burt Munro, Antonio go after your dream and he flights with your fears. The fear is a mountain monster. Every person have a mountain monster.

Thanks Antonio to show us an example to walk in this life evary day. Thanks Burt to show me that is a walk of life

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domingo, 19 de marzo de 2017

Lambretta moped racing III

In this article, I show  in next images to disarmy, the moped. It’s important to anotate, all position screws and nuts, make the order all wiring and a lot of images..........

In last image is important to see frame configuration, is a spine style. This style is from 70’s years, and is a referent for modern frames. Please note the main point, is a connect directly, the pipe direction with rear swingram.

Lambretta, was born in UK, please see a the next images with mods style, It was with vespa the original makes that started the scooter style. The main cause that started to manufactured scooters was this, in the end of second wolrd war, USA and UK had a lots tyres from airplane, and the solution was design a small motorcyle that they use this tyres. This is a born of scooter,

Lambretta had a spanish delegation, this a common with the foreign makes, for example, Puch, Ducatimototrans or motoguzzihispania. In Eibar small village of Vasc land, Lambretta procuded this model (Lambretta servetta) and anothers, with this style and scooter, see a LD model.

All models produced in Spain

LD model

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