lunes, 4 de diciembre de 2017

MXGP 2018 castellon

Hi friends

Good notices for land, in 2018 will celebrate a MXGP race in Castellon, I hope that will not be the last.

MXGP is fun!!!

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sábado, 25 de noviembre de 2017

The isle is waking up

Hi friends

Today no words, only one video, the isle is waking up, TT IOM 2018 is near.....

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Somos tiempo

domingo, 12 de noviembre de 2017

Champi women racing team

Hi friends

A few time ago, I saw a article of Champi team, I don't know that Manuel had a team in spanish championship, ok it's normally an old racer, had a team no?

The diference with this team is : a woman, yes this team has only woman in her structure, all person are women......

Congratulacions for Champi and for her women team.

It's necessary this acions for integrate the women in motorcycle racing wolrd.

Now this a link page of team:

And have you a question ? Who is Champi?

Manuel Champi Herrero is last 80 cc wolrd champion in 1989, with Derbi, Champi is from Albacete, fuck "Mancheguets " in the world. Another information, Champi won her wolrd championship withou wining any race..............very curious!!!

In 1989 the wolrd champion had four categories 80 cc, 125 cc 250 cc and 500 cc all categories with 2T engines.  What time !!! Good championship !!!!

See on left Angel Nieto, Center "Aspar" , and on right "Champi" . A lo of talent on Derbi

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lunes, 23 de octubre de 2017

BMW heritage custom competicion

Hi friends,

The summer is end, the new season is here, but step by step, in the new season the first rule is no fast, the second rule is enjoy with the works and show with good results. It’s ok?

For this entry I want to show and inspire to everyone to participate in

It is admirable to see the new concept with BMW wallpapers.  The first step of the competition is to presentate handmade drawings BMW concepts, finish in sept 15. Everyone, can vote the best drawing, and from all drawings only can stay 10 drawings. From 10 drawings the FUEL magazine personal choose 3 drawings, and choose first, second and third.

In another part, this page have a BMW custom competition, this more expensive competition, you have a customitate a BMW model in your garage and show the bike in BMW motorrad days in formigal the next sept 8-10. 

Only can stay 4 models, the first position is the best, because is a travel around Morocco with new BMW model.

This is a wallpapers

And the next images shows a differents garage works of this year competition

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Somos tiempo.

sábado, 24 de junio de 2017

stairway to heaven pikes peak 2017

Hi Friends,

The next june 25 will celebrate on colorado state in USA This race have a 21 km and very difficult corners because the race finish in 4300 m around sea level.

The race is up to the hill very fast and is important don't finish on tree top........

Please the next videos.....

The first is a Guy Martin TT IOM racer with homemade bike...... Guy is very crazy!!!!!

And the next video show a crashes compilation of this race

If you want more information, this a web link
And this race is the first time with a spanish team..... bottpower team. Let`s go......
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Fundación Mari Paz Jimenez

martes, 9 de mayo de 2017

Born to be wild

Hi friends,

This entry have not a lot of words, see a video and you will understand............

And born to be wild.........................

Do you understand the video?

Yes? It’s ok good,

No?You have a problem, I know a good psychiatrist

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Somos tiempo. 

sábado, 29 de abril de 2017

"El pepino " is come back

Hi friends

A few time ago I've a problem with my bike, after 3 months the bike has in my garage

I don’t like this.....

I likethis..................

and this

The “pepino” is come back, after 3 months last crash, the queen of the garage is come back. Thanks to imaginart  for wonderfoul paint on the bike, and I like to do a bad comment about Meccanica, this shop is in Castellon city and doesn’t representate the italian makes. Her aftermarket work is horrible, They don’t a timetable organitation in a week. They are two persons to do all reparation work. Is neccesary less speak and more work. No no no

Now I've a crash protection in my bike.

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