sábado, 22 de octubre de 2016

Rieju RST Carlos Checa Replica

Hi friends,

This week I want to show the work on Rieju Rst, paint finish, is moment to make a lot of parts in bike. The motorbike will be hanged on air in my house stairs, is necessary to eliminate a lot of parts, engine, brakes system, electric system......

Is necessary lighten up motorcycle.

The rest of bodywork is on paint departament because is necesary to colocate stickers in similate position the Carlos Checa unit

Please see on last image the hook to hook up the direction on stairs.

Thanks for visit my blog, and specially thanks to Maite is the president of laferreriahomemade fan club for your comments and suggestions. Jejeje

martes, 11 de octubre de 2016

Lambretta moped racing I

Hi friends

This is my first moped racing design......

The unit form start project is.....

This is a Lambretta Servetta 50 cc spanish unit. Let's go to work.....

In he next days, is possible to see the modification to convert in moped cafe racer racing

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domingo, 2 de octubre de 2016

la ferreria is come back

Hi friends

From last entry on my blog, in my life was an emotional changes, I needed a time to think in my life and my family. I needed to find my new way on my life. I could not to write in my blog because I had not a power in my body o my mind.

In this hads moments it's an important have friends, family an my flower about my to find the way life

But  the show must to go on, saw Queen on his song. It's impotant to be more strong at this moment, the most important is my flower, but I have a time for my blog........ Yes friends!!!! laferreriahomemade is come back!!! New life new project!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's breaks olds binding, I comebacka wih new energy, new forces.......Let's go. Thanks mum.

The next video is four wheels, but fo me show my new life, exit from garage to the sun, exit to enjoy this life and all things has alredy my life.......

Ken block is extreme.......My new life extreme too

Thanks for visit my blog, thanks flower, thanks all to come with me in this hards moments

sábado, 11 de junio de 2016

Red bull Transbetxi promotional video

Hi friends,

Today I want to show a small history, of Betxi.

All Spain is occupied to motogp races, the engine and motorcycle tuning is a dream for the people in your garage home. Electronic, sponsors, TV camera and always the same, the same races, the same comments.......

All Spain is occupied?? No, Betxi is a small village near Mediterranean sea on every year run the red bull cultivator races. Is it a sidecar? Is it a motorcycle ?? No no no...... It's a agricultural machines with a good engine tuning and good cycle tuning with two persons up on the machine.

Please I invite to see a video.


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miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2016

TT 2016 table times and promotional video

Hi friends,

TT 2016 is here, The link is to see a 2016  promotional video of race. This is a true motogp races, true races.


Saturday 28 may

18.20 – Newcomers only (Rookies) speed controled
18.25 – Sidecar (Rookies) speed controled
18.40 – Lightweight & Supersport +Rookies all categories

monday 30 may

18.20 -19.50 – Superbike/ Superstock/ Supersport + Rookies
19.55 – 20.50 – Sidecars

Tuesday 31 may

18.20 – 19.25 – Superbike/ Superstock/ Supersport
19.25 – 19.55 – Lightweight & Supersport +Rookies all categories
20.00 – Sidecars

Wednesday 1 de june

18.20 – 19.50 – Superbike/ Superstock/ Supersport
19.55 – 20.50 – Sidecars

Thursday 2 june

18.20 – 19.25 – Superbike/Superstock/Supersport
19.25 – 19.55 – Lightweight & Supersport +Newcomers all categories
20.00 – Sidecars

Friday 3 june

18.20 – 19.45 – Superbike/Superstock/Supersport
19.50 – 20.35 – Sidecars
20.40 – TT Zero only 1 lap for clasification

Saturday 4 june

11.00 – RST Superbike TT Carrera(6 laps)
14.00 – Sure Sidecar TT Firts race ( 3 laps)
15.30 – Superstock/ Supersport/ Lightweight (2laps)

Monday 6 june

10.45 – Monster Energy Supersport TT Primera carrera(4 laps)
12.25 – Sidecar calificación(2 laps)
14.15 – RL360 Superstock TT Race (4 laps)
16.05 – Lightweight calificación(1 lap)
16.25 – TT Zero calificación(l lap)

Wednesday 8 june

10.45 – Monster Energy Supersport TT Second race (4 laps)
12.25 – Sidecar calificación(1 lap)
14.00 – Bennetts Lightweight TT Race (4 laps)
15.45 – Senior TT calification (1 lap)
16.20 – TT Zero Race (1 lap)

Friday 10 Junio

10.15 – Sure Sidecar TT Second race (3 laps)
12.30 – PokerStars Senior TT Race (6 laps)

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martes, 3 de mayo de 2016

TT IOM information for all

Hi friends

 this is a blog of Jean Michel Prudon, he has not blood on your body , he has a TT air , He eats all TT wolrd.


If you want to know TT universy, visit a Jean Michel blog.

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sábado, 16 de abril de 2016

Lambretta moped racing II

Hi friends

Now this coments is to show to dismantle the motorcycle, Is necessary to separate all parts to clean and after to paint.

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